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The idea behind the exercise concept is to go beyond limitations and to balance the neuro-muscular-energetic bodies so they function together with happiness and ease.

The exceptionalness of what we do in life requires equally exceptional care. You will excel in your day’s activities and challenges when you learn the essential principles that create balanced movement.

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All your body wants is just a little balance to take you far into your life's journey.

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Lack of space creates tension. Too much space creates flimsiness. Between these two - in the middle - is just the right space. This is where strength and flexibillity become one and you become whole.

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Increase the functional capacity of your mind and body in a harmonious way.

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Your Ultimate Excellence

If you were to create a movement system based on physics, you'd have White Lotus by Elizabeth Jackson.

Three Dimensional Movement

Your body is designed to move in three planes: Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse. White Lotus by Elizabeth Jackson is exercise where you move and play within all three dimensions of space.

Bios & Credentials

Elizabeth Jackson | Founder/Owner/Master Trainer: Bio

It all started with a BA in Liberal Arts from Harvard University, where my background in physics met my studies in physiology and philosophy. Together, they inspired my exploration of the alternative therapies, where I fell in love.

Today, White Lotus by Elizabeth Jackson is primarily founded on principles and experiences which span three major movement systems. Since 2000, I have directly worked with and been certified by the founders and co-founders of The Gyrotonic Expansion System®, Yamuna Body Rolling, and Pilates. Additional studies and influences include Myofascial Therapist Tom Myers and Cranial Sacral Instructor Gary Strauss.

Throughout the years, I have had extensive experience with individuals ranging from professional athletes, to the handicapped and elderly, as well as people with various goals of health and well-being.


Gyrokinesis® Master Trainer - Gyrotonic® Master Trainer - Archway Master Trainer - Jumping-Stretching Board Master Trainer - Leg Extension Unit Master Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Authorized Master Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Lotus Blossom Program 1 Master Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Lotus Blossom Program 2 Master Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Happy Moves Master Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Breathing Course Intensive Master Trainer - Gyrotonic® Pre-Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Pre-Trainer - Gyrokinesis Essentials - Gyrotonic® Lev 2 Pre-Trainer - Gyrokinesis® Lev 2 - Pre-Trainer - Gyrotoner® - Gyrotonic® for Scoliosis - Gyrotonic® for Golf - Gyrotonic® for Hip Replacements - Yoga For Dancers - Yamuna Body Rolling™ - Yamuna Save Face - Yamuna Bed Routines - Yamuna for TMJ - Classical Pilates

SAMANTHA -JANE GRAY | Instructor: Bio

“The ability to understand and cultivate change in our bodies, extends to our relationships with others, our environment, and our way of being in this world.” -Samantha-Jane Gray


BA Law & organizational Psychology - Arts Umbrella Post Graduate Diploma in Dance - Neurolinguistic Programming - Reiki - Gyrotonic - Pilates - Yoga - Meditation/Breathe-work - Body Rolling - Release Work - Cardio Trampoline

SHANNON WATSON | Chiropractor: Bio

“Dancing with the subtle substance of the soul, and performing work that frees the divine Innate Intelligence which flows through every organ tissue and cell of the body is an honor.” -Shannon Watson


Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Doctor of Chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic

CAROL WILLIAMS | Instructor: Bio

“The best aspect about movement is the relaxation that is achieved.” -Carol Williams


Gyrotonic - Gyrokinesis - Gyrotonic Specialized Equipment - Gyrotonic Specialized Courses

SHANNYN | Instructor: Bio

“The body is architecture within itself. It’s our truest home. To feel the greatest homeostasis inside of this home, we must create the space to build an organized and strong foundation. Expanded mobility and spatial awareness within can liberate our own vision and life-purpose.” -Shannyn


Gyrotonic Certifications - Decades of international training, competition, and performance as an equestrian dancer, equestrian vaulting and choreographer



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Individual Sessions

Together we'll create playful state-of-the-art exercise routines specifically designed for your personal needs. The goal is to maximize the potential for a healthy and happy life.

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Create a healthy and happy life through playful state-of-the-art exercise routines. Workshops and group lessons available upon request or when announced.

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Educational Courses

As the founder of White Lotus by Elizabeth Jackson, I educate teachers/trainers as well. Courses available upon request and through official announcements.

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A Unique Approach

My life's passion and work has led me to the best set of tools that will help create your ultimate you.

If you want more out of your Life!

Develop your peak potential without any undue stress through one of the most powerful movement systems in the world.

Next Step.......

Re-balance your life through this unique approach to a healthy and fun exercise program that has been proven to work over many years of practice



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